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    VK We are in VK
    Complex solutions in the construction
    and engineering of industrial facilities
    Since 2008
    we are implementing major projects on time within the budget 
    Successfully working for 
    12+ years
    We have been helping our partners to implement
    the most complex projects since 2008
    Customer portfolio has 
    200+ companies
    including Russian market leaders in their industry
    100+ staff members
    Qualified and stable employment
    We take upon ourselves the entire work package, from design and construction work to delivering and commissioning equipment at the facility.

    MegaStroy design department provides complex and effective services for all stages of project cycles.

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    Industrial engineering

    List of measures aimed at the creation of a new project or reconstruction of existing facilities/technical re-equipment.

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    Industrial construction

    Implementation of all stages of general construction works, starting from the zero cycle and completing the landscaping of the territory. We carry out site planning, earthworks, laying of communications, foundation filling, construction of load-bearing structures and various types of roofs, installation of equipment, installation of enclosing structures, landscaping.

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    Completing objects with equipment and materials

    Monitoring equipment and material compliance with technical characteristics, quality, and conditions.

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    The company has vast experience in maintaining and repairing ventilation systems, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, pumping stations, and other power equipment.

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    MegaStroy  is a team of young and ambitious experts eager to find and implement efficient technical solutions for the most complex, non-conventional assignments in a modern market.
    Implemented projects
    Installation of heating systems and heat supply, ventilation of industrial premises, administrative and household complexes, checkpoints, pumping stations, complete transformer substations, switchboards, and compressors.
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    A wide range of work has been implemented on internal and external networks (water supply, sewerage).
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    Construction work, ventilated facade based on composite materials, electrics and sewerage installations, landscaping.
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    Construction of two refrigerating chambers (sizes 1560 m³ and 3470 m³) on a turn-key-basis
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    Reconstruction of a sausage factory producing 80 tons of salami daily in the Topkanovo village, Kashirsky district, Moscow region
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    Construction of a two-story 546 m² sewage treatment building, and an averaging tank, with 236.1 m³ volume of concrete work.
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    Construction of six pavilions, external and internal communications
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    Our priority is the complete cycle of project implementation

    We are a Russian construction and engineering company that offers complex solutions, optimal cost, and precise deadlines on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    We have been providing construction and engineering consulting services in various industries of the industrial segment for over 12 years. 

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