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    Implemented projects

    Installation of heating systems and heat supply, ventilation of industrial premises, administrative and household complexes, checkpoints, pumping stations, complete transformer substations, switchboards, and compressors.
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    A wide range of work has been implemented on internal and external networks (water supply, sewerage).
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    Construction work, ventilated facade based on composite materials, electrics and sewerage installations, landscaping.
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    Construction of two refrigerating chambers (sizes 1560 m³ and 3470 m³) on a turn-key-basis
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    Reconstruction of a sausage factory producing 80 tons of salami daily in the Topkanovo village, Kashirsky district, Moscow region
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    Construction of a two-story 546 m² sewage treatment building, and an averaging tank, with 236.1 m³ volume of concrete work.
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    Construction of six pavilions, external and internal communications
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