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    Cherkizovo-Kashira (Cherkizovo Group)

    Project description

    The Customer acted as the general contractor. The entire scope of work was divided between several companies during factory reconstruction. The labor was often implemented in cramped conditions, with minimum deadlines, around the clock.

    Object parameters

    Customer: Cherkizovo Group
    Implementation year: 2017
    Time frame: 12 months

    Primary production (workshop area - 30,000 m²)
    2017 — 2018
    Completed work
    • Installation of metal structures and sandwich panels of newly erected galleries on the roof of the building
    • Installation of self-supporting refrigerating chambers made of SIP panels with 80-250 mm thickness. The total volume of the mounted sandwich panel is more than 15,000 m².
    • Installation of the total volume of general exchange ventilation, smoke removal, and heating systems.
    • The building of local treatment facilities – all engineering networks except for technological equipment.
    Other projects
    A wide range of work has been implemented on internal and external networks (water supply, sewerage).
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    Construction work, ventilated facade based on composite materials, electrics and sewerage installations, landscaping.
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    Construction of two refrigerating chambers (sizes 1560 m³ and 3470 m³) on a turn-key-basis
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