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    Lisko-Broiler (Cherkizovo Group)

    Project description

    Construction of a two-story 546 m² sewage treatment building, and an averaging tank, with 236.1 m³ volume of concrete work.

    Object parameters

    Customer: ГК Черкизово
    Implementation year: 2020
    Time frame: 8 месяцев

    Construction of a sewage treatment building and an averaging tank
    March 2020 — December 2020
    Completed work
    1. Dismantling work and special labor were implemented before the production work. For instance, three metal tanks of sewage treatment plants and the old sewage treatment plant building were dismantled. A retaining wall was made between the newly erected structure and the reservoir. The wall's length is 18 m, and the length of the piles is 8 m.
    2. General construction work - complete cycle, digging, and concrete work. Installation of metal structures with subsequent induction of sandwich panels.
    3. A complex of installation work was implemented on internal water supply networks, sewerage, ventilation, heating systems, and wiring.
    4. The installation of technological equipment with piping and a complex of electrical installation work has been implemented. The installation of technological equipment was completed in a short time at the existing production.
    5. Improvement of the adjacent territory was completed by laying road slabs and landscaping the area.
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