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    Oil Extraction Factory (Cherkizovo Group)

    Project description

    Construction of six pavilions, external and internal communications

    Object parameters

    Customer: Cherkizovo Group
    Implementation year: 2020
    Time frame: 11 months

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    April 2020 — January 2021
    Completed work
    1. Construction of six water intake node pavilions on a turn-key-basis (foundations, metal structures, sandwich panels, power supply, fencing of sites).
    2. Installation of an underground circular water supply pipeline between the pavilions and the main pipeline (in two lines) to the chamber of the leading enterprise with wells and fittings (the total length of the low-pressure polyethylene pipe is 2.5 km).
    3. Installation of a pressure sewage collector from the sewage pumping station to the boundary of the balance sheet with a 1.8 km low-pressure polyethylene pipeline with wells and fittings.
    4. Installation of the on-site lighting system of the enterprise: digging, 3 km 0.4 kW cable lines, 7 meter supports with 75 lamps, grounding.

    Currently, work is being done on the on-site water supply and sewerage networks for the entire enterprise, installing wells and water measuring chambers. The networks' overall length is 5 km, the scope of earthwork is 22,000 m³. The size of work on horizontal directional drilling under existing roads with the device of cases diameter up to 720 mm is 1 km.

    Other projects
    Construction work, ventilated facade based on composite materials, electrics and sewerage installations, landscaping.
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    Construction of a two-story 546 m² sewage treatment building, and an averaging tank, with 236.1 m³ volume of concrete work.
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    Reconstruction of a sausage factory producing 80 tons of salami daily in the Topkanovo village, Kashirsky district, Moscow region
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