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    DOKA Austrian Production Complex

    Project description

    DOKA Austrian Production Complex (formwork systems) in Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone, located at Lipetsk region, Gryazinsky district, Kazinka village.

    Object parameters

    Customer: Lipetsk Stroy Complex
    Implementation year: 2019
    Time frame: 3 month

    I in construction queue
    December 2018 — December 2019
    Completed work
    1. Installation of heating systems and heat supply, ventilation of industrial premises, administrative and household complexes, checkpoints, pumping stations, complete transformer substations, switchboards, and compressors.
    2. Installation of air conditioning systems at administrative and household complexes based on the Mitsubishi VRF system.
    3. Installation of the heat input units.
    4. Installation and strapping of a compressed air system based on Atlas Copco compressors with Aisi 304 stainless steel pipeline wiring in all production facilities.
    5. Installation of a welding gas supply system (Ar, Ar+CO2) with wiring for welding stations made of unannealed copper pipelines.
    6. Development, installation, and commissioning of all the automation systems listed above.
    II in construction queue
    January2020 — April 2020
    Completed work
    1. Installation of heating systems, heat supply, ventilation of the production shop.
    2. Installation of compressed air mains from stainless Aisi 304 pipelines.
    3. Installation of power supply systems and lighting of the production shop.
    4. Installation of automation systems of climatic equipment and commissioning.
    Other projects
    Construction work, ventilated facade based on composite materials, electrics and sewerage installations, landscaping.
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    Construction of two refrigerating chambers (sizes 1560 m³ and 3470 m³) on a turn-key-basis
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    Construction of a two-story 546 m² sewage treatment building, and an averaging tank, with 236.1 m³ volume of concrete work.
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